LA QUINTA, CA-THE EIGHT announced today that it is partnering with the National Institute on Aging (NIA) at the National Institutes of Health on the Go4Life campaign, a new national exercise and physical activity campaign for people age 50+. READ MORE

The Eight was established in 2006 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We provide evidence-based outreach programs to empower disadvantaged families in becoming "well" in ALL areas of their lives.

The Eight thrives in organizational cultures that create space for new ideas and foster collaboration to help build a platform for total wellness which equates to long-term success.

Limited family and social support and lack of community involvement are associated with increased morbidity and early mortality. Furthermore, social support networks have been identified as powerful predictors of healthy behaviors. Research suggests that individuals with a strong social network that supports healthy behaviors are more likely to participate in healthy lifestyle choices themselves. 

THE EIGHT Provide alternative outreach programs to empower families 
to become "well" in ALL areas of their lives.

GOAL: To help educate families, schools, and organizations in the Coachella Valley on the direct connection between safety and wellness.

We offer services to youth, women, mature adults and people with “diverse-abilities; through innovative and strategic partnerships who invest in the health and well-being of people. (Partners)

Poverty in the U.S. is often associated with deprivation, in areas including housing, employment, education and mortality.

The Coachella Valley has a child poverty rate of nearly 35.8 percent – some of the nation’s poorest citizens live here just miles from some of the wealthiest.

  • 64 percent of client households served are *ALANA families with children below poverty level.
  • 36 percent of client households served are underemployed and mature adults.
*ALANA -African-American, Latino, Asian, Native American

Higher incidences of chronic diseases occur much earlier in lower socioeconomic populations, particularly among minority Americans.”

The Eight is a grassroots organization that provide community-based wellness services programs and host events through strategic alliances with corporations and organizations. We promote "Wellness" by utilizing the 8 Dimensions of Wellness (Occupational, Physical, Social, Spiritual, Financial, Environmental, Intellectual, and Emotional), helping to create "Well" communities in which we live and can grow. We offer services to youth, women, older adults and people with “diverse-abilities


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